2017 SSN Banquet Awards that were Given

2017 SSN Banquet Awards that were Given

2017 SSN Banquet Awards that were Given

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Thank you to all of the SSN Drivers/crews that attended the banquet! Here is the list of SSN awards that were given for the 2017 season:

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Sprint Series of Nebraska Awards:

SSN Sprint Division- Top 10

10th Place- Terry Richards #18          (186 points, 3 top 10s)

9th Place- Kayla Stoops #18K           (191 points, 1 top 10)

8th Place- Ryan King #93                  (193 points, 2 top 10s)

7th Place- Jason Martin #36               (255 points, 6 top 10s, 5 top 5s)

6th Place-  Jason Danley #4X            (271 points, 7 top 10s, 3 top 5s)

5th Place- Toby Chapman #7KX       (287 points, 7 top 10s, 5 top 5s, 2 wins)

4th Place-  Stuart Snyder #23S          (298 points, 7 top 10s, 2 top 5s)

3rd Place- Matt Richards #1R           (301 points, 9 top 10s, 3 top 5s)

2nd Place- Tyler Drueke #12             (307 points, 7 top 10s, 6 top 5s, 2 wins)


1st Place- Adam Gullion #91             (315 points, 8 top 10s, 5 top 5s, 1 win)

SSN Hard Charger of the Year: Adam Gullion #91 (41 cars passed in A Features)

SSN Hard Luck: Toby Chapman #7KX (blew engine on final night of points and lost the championship)

SSN Rookie of the Year: Kayla Stoops #18K

SSN Perfect Attendance (all of these drivers will receive a hoodie and nose wing):

  1. Toby Chapman #7KX
  2. Tyler Drueke #12
  3. Adam Gullion #91
  4. Matt Richards #1R
  5. Stuart Snyder #23S
  6. Kayla Stoops #18K

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